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May 8, 2020

10 Strategies to Adopt for Sucessful Business Planning and Optimization


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Whether you have been running a small store for years, or you’re launching a new business but without an online presence, there are many ways to catch up with the online business world. Today’s organizations have access to countless digital tools and platforms to help them streamline operations, automate tedious tasks and leverage growth opportunities.

Below are 10 practical strategies that your business can adopt for successful planning and optimization.

1. Use cloud-based software programs.

A cloud-based framework makes it easier to migrate your business to the internet. This way, you can access data from anywhere in the world. Not only can your teams be more productive, but you can also provide around-the-clock customer service.

2. Update your security systems.

Security breaches are on the rise, so it’s important to have multi-layered security. Consider desktop security solutions like antivirus, antispam and firewalls, as well as broader cyber security like encryption and fingerprint recognition.

3. Know the compliance laws in your state.

You are responsible for regulatory compliance. This directory lists the most important laws and regulations you should be following. The penalties for being out of compliance are steep and can be damaging to your business – though not as damaging as a security breach itself.

4. Automate tedious tasks.

There are a number of tools that can help your business automate time-consuming tasks like billing, invoicing, payments and emailing. Automation software takes care of these things with accuracy and efficiency so that you can focus on other areas of your business.

5. Personalize your online experience.

You make the best impression on customers when you interact with them directly. Thankfully, today’s software solutions allow you to build stronger relationships with customers based on their behaviors and actions.

6. Utilize web APIs.

APIs (application programming interfaces) allow two programs to talk to each other. You can use these applications to increase functionality within your marketing, sales and management teams. With greater connectivity, you can transform your business.

7. Analyze your data.

You’ll quickly find that a wealth of data is available to you. To make sense of this data, take advantage of an analytic tool like Google Analytics. With the right information, you can make smart decisions and monitor performance.

8. Develop an omni-channel strategy.

To be successful in the modern online world, you must utilize multiple channels. After all, customers will be looking for you on online, offline, mobile and other traditional channels. The more ways they have to connect with you, the better.

9. Train employees on cyber security.

Build a culture where everyone does their part to keep your data secure. To start, provide cybersecurity training and phishing training so that employees know how to recognize and prevent security breaches.

10. Practice data-driven decision making.

Rather than making decisions based on your gut feeling, refer to your data. Get in the habit of making data-driven decisions that provide you with new business opportunities, more revenue and actionable insights.

For successful business planning and optimization, be sure to consider these 10 strategies. They will help you evolve your business, despite the continuous changes in technology. Gobi Technologies can help optimize your business with our cloud consulting services. Contact us today to learn more!

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