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May 20, 2020

5 Technology Trends Influencing Digital Transformation


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Digital transformation may sound like a buzzword, but all it means is the integration of digital technology to change how businesses solve problems and improve the customer experience. Already, we’ve seen countless businesses go through digital transformations, integrating technology like marketing automation, analytics tracking, artificial intelligence and live chat. We can all agree that these things have improved the way companies conduct business.

Because technology is always emerging, it will continue to influence digital transformation. Let’s explore the five latest technology trends that are doing exactly that right now.

1. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Businesses are increasingly investing in AI and machine learning to increase productivity, reduce human error and improve customer service. There’s no question that AI will influence digital transformation due to its ability to track purchasing behaviors, optimize various business processes and deliver personalized offers and promotions. In turn, this will create highly individualized interactions with consumers.

2. Multi-cloud computing

No single cloud platform can meet all of an enterprise’s requirements, as it’s just too complex and costly to do so. Multi-cloud computing is the solution, as it combines multiple cloud computing and storage services into a single network architecture. Having these resources allows businesses to enjoy improved flexibility, greater compliance and less downtime.

3. Improved customer experience

One of the biggest challenges businesses face is delivering high quality customer service. One bad experience can turn a customer away for life. Thankfully, technology is making it easier to deliver personalized and reliable customer service that directly impacts business performance. This is being done through technologies like machine learning applications, conversational AI and marketing automation.

4. Big data and analytics

Successful organizations are already unlocking their data to better understand customers and provide improved services. Breaking down data does require an investment, but it’s one that will pay off in the long run. By having a holistic picture of your business data, you can increase efficiency, improve pricing, boost sales and compete with larger competitors.

5. Managed IT services

More businesses are outsourcing their IT needs in order to improve operations and cut expenses. As more companies outsource these needs, we can expect the playing field to be leveled even more so. Smaller businesses can take advantage of similar technology as larger businesses and increase their competitive edge.

Technology is always changing, which means so will the opportunities for digital transformation. To discuss your business needs and how you can leverage cutting-edge technology to make your business fast and efficient, contact Gobi Technologies today.

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