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April 1, 2021

Choose the Right Azure IoT Service for your Applications


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IoT bridges the physical and digital worlds by enabling devices with sensors and an internet connection to communicate with cloud-based systems via the internet.

Common IoT-enabled devices:

  • Environmental sensors.
  • Barcode, QR code, or optical character recognition (OCR) scanners.
  • Geo-location and proximity sensors.
  • Motion and touch sensors.
  • Accelerometer and tilt sensors.
  • Smoke, gas, and alcohol sensors.
  • Error sensors to detect when there’s a problem with the device.
  • Flow, level, and pressure sensors for measuring gasses and liquids.

Azure IoT Components

What gives Azure IoT an edge over its competitors with its simplicity, security, and scalability. Azure IoT brings multiple services and platforms to help accelerate IoT integration and development via three core solutions: Azure IoT Hub, Azure IoT Central, and Azure Sphere.

  • Azure IoT Hub – A cloud-based central hub that securely routes messages between your application and connected devices. Communication occurs in a bi-directional manner, and it supports multiple messaging patterns, such as telemetry, files, and request-reply. IoT hub is a command and control platform that allows sending instructions, control and adjust devices based on generated events.
  •  Azure IoT Central – A dashboard connected to IoT hub. Providing a UI to manage, connect, and control your devices easily. IoT central allows you to monitor the overall performance and configure alerts and notification routing based on device status.
    Azure IoT Central comes with rich industry-based templates such as retail, healthcare, and government with a rich template portfolio where you can get started quickly.
  •  Azure Sphere –IoT all-in-one solution that provides security, OS, and hardware to allow message routing to the hub.
Microsoft Azure IoT Solution Architecture

Which Azure IoT Service is Right for you?

The decision on how you should begin is based on your organization’s needs. Security, resources, and timeline are three factors to consider when choosing the right IoT platform. The table below explains the benefits and use cases for each service.
Azure IoT comparison

GOBI Technologies helps organizations choose the right IoT platform and navigate the Microsoft Azure cloud ecosystem. Contact us to learn more about our offerings.

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