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March 30, 2017

Microsoft Azure. A no-brainer choice


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Microsoft Azure is a regularly updated, remarkably scalable cloud platform with a plethora of features for both convenience and security.

Thanks to its continued development, technology professionals across a number of industries have been making the switch to Azure.

While Azure is best known for its capabilities as a reliable Platform as a Service “PaaS”, it is also currently the only major cloud solution that acts as Infrastructure as a Service “IaaS” as well. What this means is that with Azure, a company can effectively “outsource” their cloud-based infrastructure and will only be charged based on the actual amount they use.

In addition to being cost effective, Azure integrates with currently existing Microsoft tools, making it a no-brainer for organizations and businesses which already use tools like SQL SharePoint, or Active Directory.

In terms of security, Azure outstrips its competitors by taking an “assume breach” approach to its cloud. Azure’s focus on compliance, privacy, and threat detection are hard to beat.

Azure offers more than just data storage with its robust disaster recovery capabilities. With worldwide, region-specific fail-over features, standby models, and rolling reboot options, the level of flexibility, scalability, and redundancy for administrators is second to none.

Developers also love Azure thanks to Visual Studio being available as a service. As one of the most widely used and popular development environments, having compatibility with Azure “baked in” is an undeniable plus.

Microsoft launched Azure in 2010, giving the platform over half a decade to mature. It’s time your business explore Azure and its capabilities. Take it for a test drive, or get an assessment and see how Azure can help your business.

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