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July 15, 2019

How Microsoft’s Modern Desktop Improves Customer Engagement


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Winning over a new customer is a significant investment. Once you’ve got a customer to choose your business over competitors, keeping them interested, informed and engaged is critical to building a loyal following and pushing additional sales.

In particular, your frontline workers are responsible for delighting customers. However, they may be working with outdated tools that make delivering a consistently excellent experience challenging. 

Here’s how the modern desktop, powered by Microsoft 365, offers integrated solutions that improve customer engagement, which translates to increased loyalty and higher revenue.

Increased Employee Availability

Customer engagement is rooted in the customer experience. Getting assistance with a problem or an issue should be simple and seamless, and sometimes that requires finding the right person for the job. Modern desktop tools such as Azure ensure your employees are easy to reach and securely connected to your organization, even when working remotely.

Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS) allows businesses to easily provision devices from a simple interface, enabling outside sales personnel and other frontline workers to connect on the go. Further, EMS-enabled businesses can attract employees who work remotely, widening the talent pool to cultivate the right team to deliver memorable customer experiences. 

Improved Customer-Company Communication

Communication between customer and company must be intuitive and secure. Azure offers an expanding suite of cloud services that allow you to connect with your customers without compromising their data security. Microsoft Azure has a comprehensive compliance portfolio that meets the demands of high-regulation industries, such as finance.

Better Analytics to Improve Processes

Data is only useful if it provides actionable insights. Azure offers built-in AI-powered reporting tools that give actionable insights into the customer experience. Managers can leverage this data to inform proactive decision-making to improve processes rather than waiting for problems to arise.

There’s a wealth of data available about your customers, and Azure allows you to make practical sense of it all.

Modern Tools Empower Frontline Workers

Although frontline workers are an invaluable part of many organizations, businesses often overlook their access to empowering technology solutions. They may be using old, outdated tools (or, worse, may lack tools altogether) that hinder communication and process information slowly.

Microsoft 365’s collaboration tools and reliable security ensure that your frontline workers can access the information and communication channels they need quickly to provide a consistently exceptional customer experience.

Deliver an Outstanding Experience with the Modern Desktop

Microsoft 365 offers everything you need to improve customer engagement on one platform. It’s flexible to meet the changing needs of your business and offers best-of-breed security to reliably protect data and communications.

Migrating to the modern desktop might be easier than you think. With GOBI Technologies, a designated team of experts configures and manages a modern desktop solution tailored to meet your business’s unique needs. To learn more about the modern desk could empower your workers and improve your business processes, read our blog post.

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