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July 9, 2020

How to Address the Challenges of Digital Transformation


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The world has gone digital. Whether you’re ready for it or not, you must prepare for these trends. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days and they’re using them to find brands, compare products and make decisions. With a digital transformation, you can use modern technologies to change the way you approach certain issues.

Of course, like all new technology, there is a learning curve. Many transformations require you to take on some risk, so this can be challenging, especially if you’re not fully prepared. Fortunately, there are ways to address the challenges of a digital transformation so that you can prepare accordingly.

Focus on the Entire Customer Journey

Consumers place a lot of value on the experiences they have with brands. This is why businesses differentiate themselves through their customer service. The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t give brands much time to adapt. And all too often, customers who have a bad experience will leave without saying a word.

To avoid losing customers, focus on the entire customer journey – not just winning sales. By optimizing all of the customer touchpoints, you’ll have the opportunity to improve sales and retention. This will give you more stable growth as you go through a digital transformation.

Properly Train and Educate Employees

It’s not uncommon to get pushback from your employees when it comes to making a digital transformation. They’re used to doing things a certain way and may be opposed to bringing on new technology. However, it’s necessary.

To reassure those who are reluctant to change, you’ll need to develop a strategy that encompasses the workplace as a whole. Everyone needs to know how bots, digital assistants and other programs can improve workflows and customer service. When employees see how and why a digital transformation must be made, they’ll be more accepting of it.

Implement AI to Improve Data Collection

There’s more data to collect than ever, and while there are benefits to this, it also makes it difficult to know what to measure. If you’re not satisfied with your analytics, you’ll need to improve this before a digital transformation. Otherwise, your transformation can end in disaster.

To boost your analytics, it’s best to implement AI technologies to improve data collection and personalization efforts. This will improve the quality and relevancy of your marketing, leading to better results and insight. You can also trust your data going forward, leading to strategic business decisions.

The digital world will continue to evolve and change, but we know there is no going back. To ensure a smooth digital transformation, start by focusing on a comprehensive customer experience, building motivated internal teams and ditching old analytics. All of these issues are hurdles, but they shouldn’t hold you back from making a digital transformation.

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