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May 13, 2020

How to Align Sales and Marketing for Profitable Business Goals


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Aligning your sales and marketing teams for profitable business goals is one of the best things you can do for your organization. These two teams often operate as separate entities, but you can achieve better results when they work together. However, these departments usually don’t come together unless they are encouraged to do so, which is where you come in.

Here are some of the best ways to align your sales and marketing teams for increased sales and profits.

Make it easy for your teams to collaborate.

The first step in encouraging your teams to work together is by making it easy. Separating these teams and providing different materials and resources to each draws a line in the sand. Promote collaboration by placing all resources in an accessible location for everyone, which can easily be done with a cloud-based storage system. These platforms also allow team members to send documents in real-time, optimize processes and exchange data.

Optimize your sales funnel.

An optimized sales funnel is good for business because it generates more leads and sales. Make sure your sales funnel is properly optimized and that both teams understand the various touchpoints. When your sales funnel operates efficiently, it allows your marketing team to see when prospects are dropping out and what content keeps them moving forward.

Align your goals.

Oftentimes, sales and marketing teams need to be reminded that they are working towards the same end goal – earning clients for the company. However, different metrics are used to measure success. For example, someone on your marketing team may be evaluated on lead generation numbers while someone on your sales team is assessed on closings.

The problem with this is that your two departments work on their goals rather than focusing on the bigger picture. Make sure your teams are in sync by aligning your goals. As an example, you can measure success by the value and volume of leads marketers provide to the sales team.

Invest in the right technology.

For the best results, encourage your teams to exchange information and meet regularly. This will keep the lines of communication open so that your marketing team knows what leads are most valuable and what customers care about. To facilitate this, invest in the right technology like cloud computing and CRM.

Aligning your sales and marketing teams can be a big task, especially if they’ve worked independently. However, making this transition provides maximum value to your organization while strengthening relationships within your departments. To learn more about aligning your two teams for the best results, contact Gobi Technologies today.

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