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August 11, 2020

How to Enhance Your Team’s Productivity Even On The Go


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No matter how productive your team is, there are always ways to improve efficiency, especially on the go. In this day and age, it’s common for teams to be working all over the place – some remotely, some in the office and some away on business trips.

By promoting a work culture of productivity, this shows that you care about your employees and not just your bottom line. After all, being efficient benefits everyone because it means less frustration, less time spent on repetitive tasks and a greater sense of togetherness. Below are some ways to enhance your team’s productivity – even on the go.

Delegate Responsibility

When you have a busy schedule, don’t be afraid to delegate certain tasks to your team members. Doing this ahead of time ensures you give specific tasks to the right people. Each member of your team has unique talents, so put them to good use! This way, you can rest easy knowing that everything is getting done, even if you’re away from the office.

Communicate Effectively

Unfortunately, mistakes can be made when there is miscommunication or misunderstanding. While email is a great form of communication, especially if not everyone is in the office, you can utilize other channels as well. For example, a cloud computing system supports collaboration across time zones while a help desk provides a centralized location for customer inquiries.

Set a Good Example

Show your team members what it means in your book to be a good worker. If you slack off or resist new technologies, they’re more likely to do the same thing. Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Be open to new processes and technologies as well. Show your team that you’re willing to put in the work to learn new things.

Offer Incentives

Everyone works harder when there’s an incentive involved. And it doesn’t have to be much – an afternoon off work, ordering pizzas for lunch, a dress casual day, etc. It’s always nice to be recognized and rewarded for a job well done. By utilizing Office 365, you can keep track of your team members and the tasks they are completing.

Incorporate Team Building Exercises

Team productivity is built on team camaraderie. When everyone in the office gets along and understands their strengths and weaknesses, your office automatically becomes a happier place. Don’t forget the importance of onboarding as well. With migration and onboarding services, each new hire can enjoy a seamless transition onto your team.

If your team is working remotely right now, you might be looking for ways to streamline your operations and improve productivity. Contact Gobi Technologies to learn more about the professional services that can bring your teams closer together.

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