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May 20, 2019

Migrating Your Organization to a Modern Desktop in 2019


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Competitive pressure drives many organizations to focus on revenue generation rather than their IT solutions. Just as a hotel may focus on its lobby and bar rather than on laundry operation, concentrating business efforts on immediate, front-end needs can be an attractive method for quick revenue boosts.

That plan works until the first bedbug story gets out.

The modern desktop, powered by Microsoft 365, addresses business needs comprehensively in an integrated solution.

Keep front-end and back-end operations in order with a modern solution that streamlines foundational business processes to boost collaboration, security, and productivity.

Modern Desktop Tools

Microsoft 365 equips organizations with the tools they need to easily overcome real-world challenges to office IT upgrades. It is an integrated package of critical technology imperatives. When deployed and managed in tandem, these imperatives deliver significant performance gains along with cost savings.

Office 365 is a productivity powerhouse. Modern business intelligence and customer relationship applications seamlessly integrate, and they include consistent user interfaces to reduce training and orientation expense.

Azure controls and manages data and applications from the cloud. Power remote work, collaboration and information continuity with a modern workplace.

Windows 10 Pro is the safest Windows operating system. Microsoft’s Global Threat Intelligence maintains dynamic threat mitigation built into the core of Windows 10.

Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS) allows organizations to keep their data secure and teams productive no matter where they are or which device they use. In fact, management can automatically provision or remove remote access through a simple interface.

Integrating these innovative technologies brings substantial efficiencies and opportunities to corporations currently stuck with old tools such as Office 2010 and Windows 7.

Consolidating patch management, user provisioning, device enrollment, and security monitoring brings massive ROI to those who shift to the modern desktop.

Managing Windows 7 End-of-Support

Managing Windows 7 End-of-Support In January 2020, Microsoft will discontinue security and updates to Windows 7. In September 2020, the same will hold true for the legacy business productivity suite, Office 2010.

If Windows 7 machines are connected to an organization’s network, no door lock, camera system or parking lot gate will keep data safe from hackers.

Malicious programmers have developed sophisticated techniques for compromising core Windows 7 and Office 2010 code. Worse, they publish their techniques for anyone to study and deploy.

Once Microsoft discontinues support to Windows 7 and Office 2010, it will no longer provide updates or patches to address security issues. Any program vulnerability, bug or hack attempt could put businesses running these programs at critical risk. Moreover, no organization is immune to disgruntled former employees and vendors, or even malicious family members of good employees.

Organizations must act now if they are still using old software and operating systems.

Organizations still running Windows 7 and Office 2010 have a bed-bug problem. The time to address it is now.

Threats continue to escalate in volume and technical sophistication, and advanced threats demand advanced IT. Organizations that own intellectual property rights and maintain sensitive customer information are responsible for updating their systems to secure their data and operations.

The modern desktop comprehensively mitigates risk. Microsoft 365 is purpose-built for organizations running on legacy hardware and software and need quick access to:

  • Added productivity.
  • Heightened visibility and responsiveness to security threats.
  • A lower total cost of ownership (TCO).


Access to Modern Productivity Tools

The modern desktop allows organizations to safely keep all its Windows 10 operating systems, Office 365 productivity software and related management applications up to date.

  • New and innovative features are always available without risk.
  • No more all-night upgrades or patching sessions, no more long trips to remote offices for maintenance work, no more waiting until a remote worker visits the office to update their laptop or network access.
  • Tired of poor file quality? No more putting customers to work downgrading files so your teams can view them.


The Benefits of Making the Shift

The Benefits of Making the Shift

Satisfying productivity goals while remaining compliant is difficult without best-of-breed software. Why, then, don’t companies consistently adopt and manage the latest technology?

Cost, for one, is often a deterrent. Business disruption and IT complexities contribute to the challenge. Executive apathy also slows modern IT adoption.

However, the security, productivity and advancement that come with shifting to the modern desktop outweigh the drawbacks. The snowballing time and costs involved in continuously updating outdated equipment and software can far surpass the TCO of a modern desktop.

Further, when deployed and managed by a Microsoft partner, organizations gain massive competitive advantage while minimizing downtime.

Businesses that migrate to the modern desktop also gain competitive advantage by:

  • Attracting and retaining skilled employees and new hires with modern hardware and software productivity tools.
  • Mobilizing operations connected to real-time data to improve responsiveness and external communications.
  • Minimizing reputational and data compliance risks with advanced security monitoring and mitigation available only through current technologies.


Shift to the Modern Desktop Quickly, Easily and Affordably

Transition your legacy systems to a newer, comprehensive management system that will boost productivity and drive cost savings. Better yet, trust in a certified Microsoft partner to manage it all for you, so you and your team can focus on productivity and mission-critical functions.

With GOBI IT, your organization can trust in a designated team of experts trained to proactively deploy, monitor and manage your Microsoft solutions. From configuring your solutions to meet your business’s unique needs to monitoring day-to-day operations, we keep your business secure and optimized while minimizing downtime. 

Don’t wait to add advanced security to your organization’s many internal and external devices.

Don’t miss your opportunity to improve business revenue and market share.

Invest in a modern, always-on business model without taking on the management tasks associated with adopting a new solution with GOBI. Contact us to find out what a modern desktop and workplace would look like for your business.

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