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August 20, 2019

Modernize Enterprise IT and Enable Modern Workplace


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In today’s connected digital world businesses face a wide range of issues unprecedented in history.
IT departments face myriad security, deployment, personnel, and compliance challenges, and these issues often scale globally at the enterprise level.

The modern desktop is an initiative that brings advances in security and identity management, modern collaboration, and mobility. Making it easy for IT departments to keep tabs on updates and compliance issues while making sure every user is fully protected, both offline and online.

The cloud allows absolute delocalization of data, resources, and team members, creating a cohesive office that can span across the globe.

Microsoft 365 Creates the Modern Desktop

Microsoft 365 creates the backbone of the modern desktop. Features such as Configuration Manager and Intune ensure complete device and app management capabilities with security enhanced by the Microsoft cloud. Paired with SCCM, IT departments can leverage features such as Windows Autopilot and conditional access.

The modern desktop allows users a single sign-on and secure access to all of their cloud applications and information, online and off. Device management is made significantly easier, without the need to connect devices to the local network or management tools.

The modern workplace is a distributed workplace. With Microsoft 365, Employees have secure access to cloud-connected and real-time collaboration tools -while keeping corporate data secure.

Compliance is critical as business complexity increases, and a modern desktop includes streamlined compliance tools to assure proper participation across an organization. This also includes deep analytics, allowing IT professionals unprecedented insights into users, upgrades, and deployments.

Microsoft 365 Secures the Modern Workplace

All of this cross-pollination of work and information creates new security threats.

Microsoft 365 is a complete end-to-end security solution, providing total protection — from device management to identity protection solutions. Microsoft 365 brings intelligent security with Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Intune, and Windows Information Protection.

Organizations can now streamline security management and data governance while allowing users access to more resources.

Shift To The Modern Workplace

The modern desktop and the modern workplace strive to take the mounting complexity of modern business and simplify it drastically, without losing utility or service depth.

GOBI Technologies brings strategy and experience to help shift to the modern workplace. To learn more about our Microsoft consulting and how to shift to the modern workplace. contact us to learn more about our capabilities.

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