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August 16, 2014

Selecting the right IT services provider


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Your IT Services provider should be your most trusted vendor. You rely on your technology to serve your business needs and to increase your employee productivity.
Most of businesses today do not have a direct line of communication with a designated team members of their IT provider, which results in lack of communication, missing dead lines and some times failed business operation.
Prior engaging an IT services provider, you have to make sure they qualify to take care of your IT, or your business at this point.

The On boarding process:

This is the most important part of engaging a new IT services provider. You have to understand what is each party role (you and the IT provider) in securing a smooth transition to avoid any downtime. Here are some points to look for:

  • How do they ensure seamless transition ?
  • Are there any  information or documentation required prior on boarding ?
  • Are there any information required from the previous IT provider ?
  • When do they take over the support once a contract is signed ?
  • What is the help desk policy ?


Contracts could be somehow confusing and missing details on what is covered by the IT services provider. This could cause future debate wither this device or service is handled by them or not.
A good approach to avoid this dilemma is by asking for a device inventory, service line up and coverage sheet that explains their roles in handling the different aspects of IT services delivery. Roles such as Vendor management, equipment ordering and tracking are some of the most debated aspects of IT services delivery.

Disaster Recovery:

A good business is the one that always have a backup plan. Make sure your IT services provider has a disaster recovery plan and procedure. The plan should be documented available for review.


Asking your IT provider for the above mentioned items is very important for you. It’s your business and you have the right to make sure you are making the right decision.

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