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May 24, 2020

Top 5 Ways to Gain Competitive Advantages in Businesses


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Now more than ever, businesses are facing a tremendous amount of pressure. No longer are consumers limited to their demographic regions. They can now purchase products and services from virtually anywhere in the world. This means that it’s especially important for your brand to differentiate itself from others. What makes you stand out from everyone else? Why should people choose you?

Fortunately, there are effective ways to gain a competitive edge over other businesses. Even though nothing in the business world is guaranteed, taking the proper steps to establish your business will pay off in the long run. Here are five ways to gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

1. Take advantage of the latest technology.

Technology has evened the playing field for modern businesses. Even the smallest businesses can utilize social media, paid ads, and email marketing to capture new leads and move prospects through the funnel. To ensure your business remains competitive, make sure you are leveraging cutting-edge technology like cloud computing and infrastructure modernization.

2. Create your own data.

Rather than relying on other people’s data, why not create your own? Not only will this research provide you with meaningful insight about your customers, but also it increases the likelihood that other businesses will cite your research. Thanks to proper surveying and sampling tools like SurveyMonkey, you can gather data fairly easily.

3. Tighten your security.

Security breaches happen all the time. Even though they’re common, they’re still destructive. The average data breach in the U.S. costs $8.19 million, and it can crush a company’s image and reputation. Sadly, some businesses aren’t able to return after a breach of this magnitude. Show your customers that you’re taking proactive measures to keep their information safe and secure.

4. Outsource your IT needs.

There are some things that are worth paying for, and IT services is one of them. A company like Gobi Technologies can help your business adopt new technologies and capabilities, including improved infrastructure. By partnering with a company like ours, you can ensure fast, efficient service reduced operational costs and compliance with the latest security standards.

5. Move your data to the cloud.

Performing a data transformation does require time and money, but it’s an investment that will pay off. Your business has a lot to gain, including greater productivity and enhanced data security. Consumers benefit from having flexible payment options, improved service (especially during times of high traffic), and increased security.

By following these five tips, you can gain a competitive advantage over other businesses. To discuss a transformation for your business and the new technologies you can be utilizing, schedule a consultation with GOBI Technologies.

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