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June 18, 2020

What are the Biggest Trends of MS Dynamics CRM Consultant Affecting Business Landscapes


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One of the most important tools your business can have is a customer relationship management tool or CRM. This tool helps manage and process current and prospective customers for improved relationships and long-term profits. At first glance, a CRM tool may appear to be automated and robotic, but it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to humanize customer interactions and build trust.

There are many different types of CRM tools, so you’ll need to define your needs and goals and select the CRM that will help reach them. One option is Microsoft Dynamics 365, a CRM tool that’s compatible with almost any company regardless of size. It’s also affordable and easy to use.

Below are the biggest trends for MS Dynamics and how it can shape your business for the future.

Artificial Intelligence

Dynamics 365 is powered by AI, which is what allows you to target users and speak to them in a highly personalized manner. Even if you have little experience with AI, you can still take advantage of these tools to gain a deeper understanding of your customers, make each touchpoint more relevant and ensure data-driven decisions for your business.

Cloud Compatibility

MS Dynamics is built for the cloud. This allows Microsoft to have more control and standardization over its development, resulting in lower costs, increased security and improved mobility. Because this product is cloud-hosted, it’s highly flexible and allows people to work from remote locations just as if they were on-site.

Mobile-First Integration

The mobile friendly options in Dynamics 365 are powerful and include mobile apps, mobile support and intuitive navigation. Already, there is a large number of users on mobile devices, and MS Dynamics is expecting these numbers to increase. At the moment, Dynamics can run on phones or tablets, as well as on the user’s preferred browser. With this mobile adaptability, you can move customers through the pipeline at any time.

Predictive Analytics

This is probably one of the most useful trends because it allows businesses to use statistical evidence to make the best decisions. For instance, by looking at the available data, you can better understand your audiences and what they want from you. This will help you engage customers, provide them with relevant information and sense changes in their shopping habits. Ultimately, your sales team will learn to act rather than react.


Dynamics 365 has everything you need to make data-driven decisions while marketing and selling your products using real-time analytics. If you would like to learn more about using this software as your CRM, contact Gobi Technologies today. With over a decade of experience working with Microsoft Dynamics, we know the ins and outs of this program and who it’s best for.

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