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May 16, 2020

What are the Requirements of a Digital Transformation


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Digital technology is transforming businesses one day at a time. In order to take advantage of the latest technology, your business must go through a digital transformation. By going through this process, you can utilize digital technology to solve problems, provide customer service and leverage your data. While there are many examples of digital transformation, cloud computing is one of the most common.

Let’s learn more about the key requirements for a successful digital transformation.

On Board Leadership

You won’t go far with transformation if your leadership is not on board. Make sure the CEO and leadership teams agree to the transformation and communicate a vision of what needs to be achieved. In other words, they can’t just simply sanction the transformation.

Solid Strategy

A solid cloud computing strategy is even more important than the technology itself – at least at first. Your organization should document what the digital transformation will look like and when to expect certain phases to take place. This saves time and money in the long run.

Established Goals

It’s important to set clear objectives when going through a digital transformation. What technology are you planning on using? How much money do you expect to save? How will you improve customer satisfaction?

Having goals ensures your digital transformation is working towards something tangible. But it also prevents people from reverting back to the old ways of doing things because they are easy and familiar.

Secure Investment

Digital transformations almost always require an investment. This investment may result in lower profits for a short time, but it will eventually pay off. You’ll be able to save money by taking advantage of new business models today and in the future. Not investing in new technology can seriously hurt your business in the long run.


The latest phase of digital transformation focuses on cloud computing. To move your business to the cloud, you must have the architecture to do so, whether public, private or hybrid. In other words, you can’t just take centralized applications and move them to the cloud. You must design apps and databases from the ground up. This ensures they are ready to run in the cloud.

Know Your Data

Be confident about moving your data to the cloud. Otherwise, you’ll always wonder if you can trust what’s at hand. It’s not a bad idea to go through your data and remove what you don’t need. For example, what data are you currently collecting? Where does it go? Who is accountable for it?

A digital transformation is a process that takes time, but it requires a collective effort from everyone in your organization. To learn more about starting a digital transformation for your business, contact Gobi Technologies today.

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