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June 9, 2021

What is Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)?


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In 2020, many organizations started to implement Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) as an answer to increased mobility and security during the pandemic. On June 7th, Microsoft officially renamed Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) to Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). But it’s not just about a name change. AVD brings enhanced security, Remote App Streaming with a per-user pricing option, and QuickStart experience.

AVD’s Enhanced Security and Management Capabilities

Azure Active Directory has become the centralized identity and security management across organizations. In the past, WVD session host VMs was required to join an existing Active Directory Domain Services domain. This can either be an Azure AD DS or a traditional Domain Controller.

With Azure Virtual Desktop, you can now join the session host to Azure AD directly. Integrating Azure AD with AVD, brings additional management capabilities such as integration with Microsoft end-point manager as well as additional security functions.

QuickStart Experience

The onboarding QuickStart experience for Azure Virtual Desktop allows Azure consultants to specify deployment parameters through in Azure portal. The tool validates the input and automates the deployment of the entire Virtual Desktop environment.

Remote App Streaming

One of the top usage scenarios for WVD was Sage, QuickBooks, and EMR apps. With App streaming function, organization can leverage per-user pricing model which enables ISV’s and Microsoft Partners to package business applications and stream to organization for ($5.50 per user/month for RemoteApp and $10 per user/month for desktop).

Advantages of Using Hosted Virtual Desktops on Azure

Using Azure to deliver virtual desktops to your users has many advantages. Some; come in natively such as reduced IT overhead in the form of minimizing infrastructure to manage which translates to cost reduction. And some come in the form of increased security and productivity. Here is a list of the top 6 benefits of using WVD now called (AVD). 

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