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Financial Services

GOBI Technologies brings industry-focused operation experience and technical knowledge to help industries transform, thrive, and innovate.

Industry Landscape and Challenges

Today’s financial industry need to adapt rapidly to keep up with cyber threats, changing regulations, and an evolving workforce.

Companies that lack a reliable technology solutions partner are losing out on increased visibility and notable cost savings.

130 %

Fraud incidents, both online and offline, increased by more than 130 percent during the past year, resulting in significant monetary and reputational losses for financial institutions.

$ 80 B
By 2020, spending on regulatory technology (better known as regtech) is expected to reach $80 billion.

How Do We Help

GOBI Technologies leads the way towards digital transformation and modern IT solutions. Through strategy, planning, implementation, and operation solutions, we help our finance and capital market clients achieve modernization and meet regulatory requirements while increasing user experience and overall security.

Our Capabilities

Modernize Operations

Optimize digital operations by connecting your finance, people, and processes to overcome skills gaps and increase productivity.

Security and Compliance

Help protect and govern sensitive data across systems, devices, apps, and cloud services.

Connect Sales and Service

Empower your sales team and service workforce to improve customer engagement and drive complex product and service sales with digital tools.

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