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Media and Digital Services

The manufacturing industry has undergone significant changes within the past decade. The emergence of cloud-based environments has ushered in an era of real-time engagement with operations and management.

Industry Landscape and Challenges

The media and communications industry is experiencing a period of massive change. Consumers across all ages are streaming more content than ever before and proceed to demonstrate an unsatisfied appetite for mobile data, demanding personalized, targeted experiences wherever, whenever.

This is driving companies to package and deliver content directly to buyers, disrupting traditional distribution business models.

Industry executives are always concerned about regulation, protecting data privacy and intellectual property (IP), cyberthreats, and reducing risk. Not to mention competition from the top five (FAANG).

The arrival of fifth-generation (5G) wireless technology offering faster data speeds, ultra-low latency, and the capacity to create a “connected world” of the Internet of Things (IoT)—including people, wearables, appliances, cars, cities, and more—is creating significant business opportunities for media and telecom companies across the globe.

How Do We Help

In order to scale to meet the needs, challenges, and opportunities of these media and communications companies, GOBI Technologies provides solutions and resources to help accelerate and achieve digital transformation through operation optimization, infrastructure modernization and application services.

Our Capabilities


Collaboration and Creativity

Provide the tools so you creative teams can produce higher quality, more innovative content, collaborate and communicate.


Optimize your Digital Supply Chain

Reduce your content delivery costs while increasing quality and reliability through high performance cloud infrastructure.

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