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Managed Cloud Services

GOBI Technologies steps in to provide comprehensive and transparent management of your cloud environment and cloud applications. Our framework ensures stability for your infrastructure and optimization that supports growth and cost management.
managed cloud services

Holistic Approach Towards Cloud Management

GOBI’s dedicated cloud management team delivers a structured, end-to-end approach to cloud managed services. Our framework is designed to simplify cloud management in a cost-effective manner that aligns with your most important business goals.

Aligning together the staff, capabilities, and resources to maximize the benefit from your cloud applications, services, and infrastructures. Our experience makes us an ideal partner for a holistic cloud management solution.

Our Managed Cloud Services

Comprehensive Management

Provide the tools, resources, and expertise to deliver day-to-day cloud management and monitoring for business workloads and applications.

We deliver management for Office 365, Azure applications and infrastructures.

Cloud Optimization

Optimize business cloud to deliver the highest ROI via spend and resource utilization management.

Our cloud optimization delivers optimization to your Azure servers and hosted application to ensure reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Cloud Security

Improve your cloud security posture and implement business-focused security strategy across your infrastructures and applications.

Our Cloud security provides security advisory, cloud identity management, and data protection.

Our Cloud Capabilities

Managed Azure

Increase your ROI from Azure and ensure security and compliance. As a Microsoft Azure expert, we provide management, monitoring and optimization for your Azure infrastructure and applications.

Office 365 Management

Enhance your Office 365 tenant with our managed Office 365. We provide security advisory, licensing management, monitoring, and continuous improvement to your Office 365 tenant.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Hosted on Microsoft Azure and powered with Windows 10 Enterprise, WVD simplifies desktop virtualization while reducing costs, increasing security, and data governance

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