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Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)

Windows Virtual Desktop is a desktop and application virtualization solution that runs securely on Azure.
WVD consulting services

Empower your Remote Workers While Maintaining Security and Compliance

Today’s workforce demands a digital workplace that increases productivity and collaboration while from anywhere using any device.

GOBI Technologies implements and supports fully-managed end-to-end enterprise virtual desktop infrastructure. Hosted on Microsoft Azure and powered with Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows Virtual Desktop simplifies virtual desktop while reducing costs, increasing security, and data governance.

Microsoft Consulting Partner


We help roadmap and implement Microsoft 365 enhanced security and data protection solutions.

Multi-session Windows 10 Experience

Provide your users with the only multi-session Windows 10 desktop virtualized in the cloud that’s highly scalable, always up to date, and available on any device.

Simplify Profile Management

Provide consistent user desktop and profile across all devices. Users profiles managed and stored in a profile container manager (FSLogix).

Simplified Licenses

Unlike traditional (RDS), WVD requires Microsoft 365 or Windows 10 Enterprise subscription.

Enhanced Security

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, WVD extends Azure AD security protocols to ensure identity and data protection.

Deploy and Scale in Minutes

Scale VM to ensure optimal delivery and deploy modern and legacy applications in minutes from within the Azure portal.

Seamless Transition from RDS

Streamline and easily migrate RDS environments to WVD  with Azure management and deployment experience.

Fast track your windows virtual desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop Implementation Workshop

Deploy and scale virtualized Windows desktops and apps on Azure – Our 2 Week implementation provides WVD infrastructure planning, implementation, and training.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are WVD supported operating systems?

Windows 10 multi-session, Windows 10 single-session, Windows 7 single-session, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2019.

What are WVD requirements?

WVD requires

  • An active Azure tenant with an active subscription.
  • Subscription to Windows 10 Enterprise.

What are WVD common scenarios?

Windows Virtual Desktop is an ideal solution for mobile workforce and businesses who demand more control over their data due to regulations. You can use WVD for QuickBooks, Electronic Medical Record applications, productivity, and more.

Where can I get Windows 10 Enterprise?

Windows 10 Enterprise is part of the following:

  • Microsoft 365 – E3/E5/A3/A5/Business
  • Windows (via CSP) – E3/E5/A3/A5

How does WVD reduce costs?

WVD reduces costs by reducing Infrastructure, Licensing, and management costs. Multisession Windows 10 allows significant savings in compute resources, and WVD service now replaces complex management requirements of RDS/VDI solutions.


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