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Cloud Strategy

Aligning business goals with your digital transformation strategy and bridging enterprise infrastructure with application architectures is a priority, as is maintaining data security and compliance.

cloud strategy and consulting

Embrace The Cloud - Accelerate Your Business​

The wave of digital transformation is engulfing businesses of every size, across every market and industry. Modern-day cloud platforms are designed to speed up your time to market while enhancing innovation and lowering IT complexity and costs. However, organizations often face cloud adoption challenges on multiple fronts, and trying to integrate cloud solutions without a proper strategy and planned execution can waste time, effort, and resources.

GOBI Technologies brings these factors together to pave the way for a seamless transition to the cloud. We help you identify the most critical opportunities where cloud technology can help, always keeping your business goals and resources in mind. Let our experts turn your challenges into competitive advantages.

Our Approach

Our expertise turns your challenges into a competitive advantages.

1. Envision

Our goal is to align your vision with the right cloud solution. Understanding your business goals is critical. We perform an initial study of your company to understand your workflow, business model, and service delivery.

2. Identify

We carry out an in-depth assessment to identify business opportunities in the cloud. Our analysts and cloud engagement teams collaborate to assess infrastructure capabilities and performance, business workflows, goals, and more.

3. Plan

During this phase, we translate your goals and our recommendations into a strategy for cloud adoption. From workloads and applications migration to fulfilling compliance and security standards. The plan highlights the business impact, adoption road-map, and pilot candidates.

Maximize Your Cloud ROI

Our advantage

GOBI provides end-to-end strategies for cloud adoption and implementation to put your business goals at the forefront of every project.

A Cloud-first vision

We invested in our team, applications, and service to deliver a cost-effective and reliable Azure migration and adoption framework. We share our client’s vision that a cloud transition should be seamless and free of disruption.

Strategy for Success

GOBI Technologies has the capabilities required to make the most out of your business’ Digital Transformation through Microsoft Azure. GOBI helps you modernize your most important applications while also providing the necessary Cloud platform for hosting and app development. 

Continuous engagement

Engagement that continues beyond strategic planning and migration. Our cloud managed services allow us to continue our relationship with our clients by providing on-going support and management on their cloud infrastructures and applications.


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Provide your users with the only multi-session Windows 10 desktop virtualized in the cloud that’s highly scalable, always up to date, and available on any device.

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Durable Roofing, A roofing company specializing in commercial & industrial roofing market adopts Dynamics 365 Field Service to improve their service delivery and customer satisfaction.

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