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Dynamics 365 Immersion Workshop

Dynamics 365 consulting workshop

Workshop Overview

Understand the value Dynamics 365 brings to your business. From sales and customer service transformation to empowering your field and back-office team. This workshop helps stakeholders evaluate Dynamics 365 and the power platform impact and benefits they bring across business functions.

This workshop is a collaboration between our Dynamics 365 experts, Microsoft team and your business stakeholders to help you make insightful decision based on your industry, challenges and vision.

The engagement enables business leaders to make decisions based on business impact, cost of implementation, and a comprehensive roadmap from kick-off to Go-Live.

Workshop Agenda

  • Discovery session with stakeholders and decision makers
  • Current operation state and technical evaluation
  • Business line of applications and data readiness assessment
  • Dynamics 365 function based demonstration

Deliverables and Benefits

  • Discover how Dynamics 365 can help re-define your business processes and operations
  • Provides actionable next steps based on your specific  needs and objectives
  • Define Dynamics 365 adoption flow based on business case
  • Analytics, reporting, and business intelligence analysis
  • Develop implementation timeline, scope of work and define OOB vs. customization efforts

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