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The healthcare industry, with all its verticals (providers, insurers, life-sciences), continuously faces digital challenges from mobility, cybersecurity, and regulations to growing patient expectations.

Industry Landscape and Drivers

Digital transformation progress is being made, but efforts are fragmented. Healthcare organizations understand they need to invest in new tools/technologies to drive transformation effectively, but tapping into structured electronic health records (EHRs) or unstructured, on-premises (legacy records) data remains a challenge.

$ 6.2 B
$6.2 billion is lost due to data breaches in the health industry every year.
1 GB
By 2020, an average of 1GB of health-related data will be created daily per person.

How Do We Help

We provide the means and expertise to help reimagine healthcare by bringing together people, data, and processes to better enable personalized care, empower care teams, and improve operational outcomes

We focus on four key areas; trust, innovation, security, and compliance.

Our Capabilities

Empower Care Teams

Modernize communication and collaboration to enable care teams to easily access medical records, collaborate, and accelerate decision making.


Protect Health Information

Help providers protect and govern sensitive health data across systems, devices, apps, and cloud services.


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