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The manufacturing industry has undergone significant changes within the past decade. The emergence of cloud-based environments has ushered in an era of real-time engagement with operations and management.

Industry Landscape and Challenges

Manufacturers and energy providers are going through significant disruption and transformation across all dimensions of their business, as they make their transition to product-as-a-service and energy service providers. Nearly every CEO and business decision maker (BDM) are engaged in their digital transformation.

Our engagement revolves around how they can reimagine manufacturing, deliver new services, empower their workforce, and optimize digital operations.

90 %
By the end of 2020, 90 percent of supply chains will use cloud applications within supply chain fulfillment.
$ 60 B
An increased investment of just 1–4 percent in energy efficient technology could save up to $60 billion.

How Do We Help

GOBI Technologies paves the way towards digital transformation and modern IT solutions, allowing our manufacturing partners to reach markets faster, innovate, transform operations, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Our Capabilities


Connected Field Service

Deliver new services that connect your smart products with empowered technicians to deliver proactive, predictive service, turning your service centers into profit centers.



Connect Sales and Service

Empower your sales team and service workforce to improve customer engagement and drive complex product and service sales with digital tools.



Modernize Operations

Optimize digital operations by connecting your finance, people, and processes to overcome skills gaps and increase factory and back-office productivity.


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